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The Hockey Pro Training Podcast

Feb 7, 2018

On this week’s episode of the HPT Podcast I share the story of how I got to Europe to play hockey in the first place. What it was like. And how you can do the same.

I also talk about what to do and how to react when you’re the odd man out or a healthy scratch. So many players let this affect them for way longer than it should and don’t bounce back and respond appropriately. I share with you a few ways you can do so and make sure that it never happens again.  

I also share with you a quick tip for improving shot accuracy. Its something a lot of players struggle with and don’t work on enough. Having the hardest shot in hockey is irrelevant if it never hits the net. Remember that!

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and are paying attention to the little things I say that you can be adding to your game, not only physically but mentally as well. If you have any questions you would like answered on the show hit up me and ill do my best to get to them.

Happy training!