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The Hockey Pro Training Podcast

Feb 12, 2018

In this episode of the podcast I answer the question:

“How can I be a better defensive player.  Im a center with speed, but when the puck is cleared out of the offensive zone I have trouble jumping back into the play,  back checking and I sometimes arrive into the zone late. Is there something that I should be doing in order to be faster at transitioning to defence after I turn the puck over”?

I share 3 simple adjustments that you can make to your game that will allow you to be a more valuable player to your hockey team defensively and all over the ice. Scoring goals is sweet, but if we can also take pride in keeping them out of our net it can often times but sweeter. The less goals we allow, the less goals we have to now score to win the game, make sense?

I also go over 3 “little things” that you can be doing during the coarse of a game defensively that will show not only your teammates but your coach as well that your serious about taking care of your own end and serious about winning games. Once you start adding these little elements to your game you will gain the confidence of your coach and start seeing more ice time and in all situations.

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of the podcast and we will see you at the next one.

Happy Training,

Coach Matt