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The Hockey Pro Training Podcast

Mar 24, 2018

In this episode of the podcast I welcome back the first guest I ever had on the show John kennedy Jr. John is currently living, coaching and growing the game of hockey down under in Australia, and is one of the most passionate and dedicated coaches there are in the game today.

During our conversations we talk about what it means to engineer a "complete athlete" As well as share some of our thoughts and ideas about things coaches new to the game can do to grown their confidence and presence out on the ice. 

Coaching isn't easy, it can be very challenging and even lonely at times, and for that reason I really enjoy having other intelligent coaches on the podcast and getting the opportunity to pick their brains and learn a little bit more about their own coaching styles and philosophies. 

Thanks again to John for sharing his time and will we talk to you guys at the next one!

Take care,